Learning is the DNA of change.

Rapid technological change, the climate crisis, and other complex challenges are fundamentally transforming how we learn and work. To empower each other and innovate, we must invest in four key areas of self- and organizational development:

Learning Agility

Cultivate active learning strategies for uncertain and complex circumstances, so we can shape and adapt to change, both individually and organizationally.


Regulate our internal systems to reconnect with vision and purpose, manage risks, cultivate a bold imagination, and find the right cadence for change.

Diverse Collabs

Learn, work, and partner with people who contribute socialization patterns, disciplinary and technical expertise, or generational wisdom that is very different from our own.

Glocality Expertise

Integrate awareness of global change drivers with context sensitivity, ensuring our approaches are globally informed but tailored to local needs.

I support individuals and teams in rethinking and redesigning their learning & development strategies to build organizations that excel in these four areas. I draw on:

PhD Research

Expertise in global education, curriculum development, and teaching innovation focused on North America and the European Union.


Over 10 years of driving successful education programs for learners from 80+ countries, supporting international faculty in innovating their teaching methods, and working with diverse teams in globally networked organizations such as New York University and United World Colleges.

Cross-Sector Skills

Facilitation, training, and coaching strategies adapted to the needs and contexts of leaders and teams in hospitality, medicine, education, jewelry, marketing, and foundations.

Topical Expertise

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging; Gen Z in the transgenerational workplace; inclusive learning experience design; digital literacy and AI; conflict resolution; effective strategy development.

Linn Friedrichs CC BY-SA 2.0

Teaching & Training

  • Working with AI
    Empowering students and employees with skills to work effectively, creatively, and responsibly with AI.

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
    Enhancing strategies and competencies for emerging and senior leaders and their teams to activate diversity and build cultures of belonging.

  • Conflict Resolution
    Building constructive conflict strategies and effective feedback cultures.

  • Gen Z Engagement
    Successfully engaging Gen Z in the trans-generational workplace.

  • Academic to Professional Transition
    Courses and workshops for students focused on applying academic skills to workplace challenges and developing their careers for the future of work.

Consultation & Facilitation

  • Teaching and Learning Innovation
    Innovating course design and delivery, experiential learning opportunities, and student services in schools, higher education, and learning and development contexts.

  • Change Management
    Guiding change readiness assessments, visioning, goal development, and alignment processes.

  • Collaborative Work Practices
    Supporting teams in tapping into their superpowers and removing barriers to high performance.

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging Strategy
    Growing workplace cultures and processes that activate diversity and foster belonging.

  • Learning Agility
    Developing a sustainable cadence for up- and re-skilling and a growth mindshift.

Phil Dera / Kompetenzverbund lernen:digital: https://www.picdrop.com/phildera/UChYjjeGdT
Anne Barth/re:publica, CC BY-SA 2.0

Public Speaking & Moderation

As a speaker, I present complex ideas in an inspiring, accessible way. As a moderator, I bring different stakeholders at the intersections of academia, business, and civil society into open, trusting conversation.

  • Panel and Event Moderation
    Leading and guiding conversations on learning, emerging technologies, wellbeing, Gen Z, futures literacies & skills, DEIB, and leadership development.

  • Keynote Speaking
    Delivering talks on learning and teaching innovation, leadership development, digital literacy and AI, the future of work and education, and complexity resilience.


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Clients & Collaborations

Accor • Beeline • BMW Foundation • Dialog City Project Partners • Dorint • Forum Bildung Digitalisierung • Grünenthal • Initiative Neues Lernen • key2advance • New York University • Stifterverband der deutschen Wissenschaft, University: Futures Festival • 10-in-10: Gigatonne Challenge • United World Colleges