Book cover of “Global Curriculum Development. How to redesign U.S. Higher Education for the 21st Century.” Published by transcript, 2021.

Global Curriculum Development

How to Redesign U.S. Higher Education for the 21st Century

How can higher education empower students as agents of the social transformations that our societies need so urgently? I connect John Dewey’s education theory, current research on globalization, and inclusive curriculum design approaches to propose a new educational model for our age of complexity, crisis, and innovation. Drawing lessons from NYU’s efforts to globalize its research, pedagogy, and social impact, I present building blocks for a new curricular core that is structured around the key challenges of our time and the competencies of ┬╗complexity resilience┬ź. It becomes the essential foundation for action-oriented partnerships across cultural, disciplinary, generational, and institutional boundaries.

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